Record EPC 903 Easy Programmer


The Record EPC 903 Easy Programmer is designed specifically with Installation Engineers in mind. The lightweight and durable design enables the user to access the same functionality as the standard Record BDE-D but without the robustness of a purpose-built handheld programmer.

The EPC 903 unit is a convenient input and output unit for the programming of the Record door openers. Logically arranged pushbuttons permit an intuitive operation of the door and navigation through the drive specific menu structure. The LCD display with background lighting provides data and information regarding the status of the door by means of symbols and plain text messages.

An excellent feature, that makes the EPC 903 Easy Programmer invaluable to an engineer, is its usefulness in large installation situations where multiple operator setups are required. The EPC 903 Easy Programmer can easily be plugged into each operator for quick, easy setup and programming.

Record EPC 903 Easy Programmer

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