Record BLS 60 Touchless Switch for Automatic Doors


The Record BLS 60 Touchless Door Switch grants easy access to any entrance, allowing you to operate the door by simply waving your hand or any object in front of the sensor.

This door sensor is a great solution for entrances which often have pedestrians or people who struggle with mobility, as they remove the burden of having manually open the door.

The BLS 60 can easily and quickly be installed, with in-surface or flush-mounted versions available, once connected to the door system the switch will be ready for use.

Features & Applications

The BLS 60 Door Switch is ideal for areas with more stringent hygiene requirements such as hospitals and care homes, with contactless access this sensor ensures that the transmission of germs is kept to a minimum.

Areas such as kitchens or other service departments can also benefit from this sensor as it allows doors to be easily operated even when carrying objects with both hands. 

This sensor can also be set to different scan ranges depending on requirements, and has an interchangeable front panel for custom pictograms.

Record BLS 60 Touchless Switch for Automatic Doors

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