Case Studies – St. Pancras Station, London (England)

St Pancras International, is a central London railway terminus and Grade I listed building located on Euston Road in the London Borough of Camden. The entrance to a set of escalators is fitted with a record C 90 SU under floor driver which operates the swing doors. Entrances such as these where there is a consistent passage and heavy flow of people require reliable and robust products, so it makes perfect sense that our C 90 SU model has been chosen to provide access to the platforms in the terminal-like Euro Star Zone.

An underfloor door drive enjoys a special status. The extra effort required in construction to install the drive unit below ground enables the creation of a free, airy architectural style, and therefore often plays a role in representative glass constructions.

The drive units are protected to IP67 norms and standards by highly effective seals preventing the ingress of dirt, dust and the occasionally aggressive cleaning fluids of floor cleaning machines. They also defy the rain, even the English sort!


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