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Fire Resistant Doors

At record, we have certified automatic swing and sliding doors to provide fire protection where you need it. 

The record DFA 127 FIRE is particularly suited where automatic fire and smoke protection barrier doors are required. In case of fire the closing of the swing door is triggered by a smoke and heat alarm. In this application, the additional controller receives a command to close the passageway immediately. The operator closes the door with spring tension. With the integrated, mechanical sequential controller two-leaf doors can also be used as fire protection barrier doors.  

In addition, the record CLEAN range of products has adaptable strong and durable core leaves which can provide fire and smoke protection to the required fire certification levels. In the case of fireproofing, the cores are made of fire-resistant materials to European fire protection standards E 30 and El 30.

record DFA 127 FIRE

DFA 127 Fire Operator

Closes reliably in case of fire

The record DFA 127 FIRE  is approved for use as a smoke and fire protection door. In case of fire, a signal from the smoke and heat detector or fire alarm system immediately triggers the safe closing of the passage. Closing takes place by spring force. The record SFR 127’s mechanical sequential control also enables double leaf fire doors to be used.

record CLEAN K1-A

Hygienic Sliding Doors

record's CLEAN K1-A is a single leaf sliding door, which is easy to clean and can meet a range of requirements including:

  1. the large range of materials available as inserts for the door leaf core
  2. the range of surface finishes available 
  3. the wide range of design for the door frames and sealing system 
  4. the ability to adapt the door to have hermetic sealing capability 

Doors with a hermetic sealing capability are used in operating theatres and other environments with clean room requirements for a high level of hygiene. Hermetic sealing prevents or minimises air flow and hence the transmission of bacteria or particles via air flow. In environments such as clinics, research and laboratory rooms, pharmaceutical production facilities, quarantine zones and clean rooms for the production of foodstuffs, this door provides hermetic closing and an easily cleanable surface. These sliding doors can be manufactured completely from stainless steel to provide modern design as well as practical functionality. 

record CLEAN D ST

Hygienic Swing Doors

The record CLEAN D ST is a hinged swing door system made entirely from stainless steel with no visible joints. This makes the door easily cleanable and suitable for rooms where a high level of hygiene and cleanliness is required. Being manufactured completely from stainless steel means the doors provide practical functionality, modern design and attractive finish as well as an easy clean surface. 

record CLEAN T2

Hygienic Telescopic Doors

The record CLEAN T2  is an automatic telescopic sliding door system specially designed for operating theatres and any other clean rooms with hygienic requirements such as in clinics, research and laboratory rooms, pharmaceutical production facilities, quarantine zones and clean rooms for the production of foodstuffs. They provide practical functionality and wholly cleanable surfaces. Thanks to their narrower door leaves, they require about 30 % less space compared to standard sliding doors.The system is also low-noise in operation.