Concealed drives (Underfloor and In-Head)

Concealed drives provide the architect with design flexibility as well as a seamless door profile. In addition, the underground and in-head operators both provide easy care as both systems are concealed and protected from the ingress of water or dirt.

record uk's experience, expertise and reliable technology have been combined in the development of these drives to produce hard working, robust, efficient and reliable products. Despite being extremely quiet these operators have a high level of momentum which allows even heavy doors weighing up to 400 kg to be easily operated. The flexibility of these drives in allowing existing doors to be adapted as well as used for bespoke new entrances means they can be used for the most diverse applications.


record C 127

The C 127 is a concealed underfloor drive for automatic swing doors which utilises the trusted DFA 127 Core Drive system which is itself extremely quiet in operation. The
C 127 underfloor installation option reduces noise levels to the point of providing near silent operation.

record's experience, expertise and reliable technology have been combined in the development of this drive to produce a hard-working, robust, efficient and reliable product. Despite being extremely quiet the operator has a high level of momentum which allows even heavy doors weighing up to 400 kg to be easily operated

record C 90 SU

The C 90 SU under floor swing door drive was specially designed for heavy-duty swing doors up to 600 kgs. The drive unit consists of an electromechanical system with high-performance gears and low noise power transmission.

Its flexibility in being adapted to any existing door is unparalleled so the      C 90 SU can be used in the most diverse applications. The design has an integrated stainless steel housing to provide additional strength and elegance and integrated floor bearing for smooth operation. A range of floor cover plates is available to complement existing flooring and decor.

record R 61 SU

The record R 61 SU is an under floor drive for round and curved sliding doors. Compared to conventional drive concepts, there are no restrictions on the size of the radius of the curve. Doors can also be curved inwards and outwards. This curved sliding door drive creates an elegant smooth-operating entrance whatever the doors casing is made of. All glass curved sliding doors continue to be the first choice when an entrance is designed to maximise light and to give a modern look.

record S16 SU

record's S16 SU underfloor drive for linear doors gives architects more flexibility to design entrances with fewer restrictions, to use more creativity and have clean lines and more space. All record's underfloor drives have been specially developed with an emphasis on safety as well as functionality and comply with the applicable standards and regulations. The underfloor drive mechanism is further protected from the ingress of water and dirt by a waterproof casing.

record uk new product DFA127 operating arm concealed in frame

The DFA 127 In-Head is our overhead concealed drive system for the automation of swing doors. This automatic swing door operator utilises the trusted DFA 127 Core Drive system which is itself extremely quiet in operation. 

The mechanics and electronics are housed overhead, concealed from view, encased in a thermally broken casing which allows for a seamless continuation of the framework and is suitable for almost all types of external and internal swing doors on nursing homes for disability access to hospital corridors where high-density traffic can occur and the requirements are for flexible operation, and reliability.