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Burglar Resistant Doors

The record THERMCORD RC 2 is particularly suitable for break-in protection, since the door frames are designed to be extremely strong to ensure thermal separation. Two intertwined, V-shaped profiles ensure a level of sturdiness that provides immense resistance to attacks by burglars. After passing the relevant tests in June 2013, the record SAFECORD 20 was certified RC 2 burglar-resistant, in line with EN 1627:2011 norms and standards. The outstanding feature of this model is the complete integration of all security-enhancing modifications, so that outwardly the door appears unchanged, but remains straightforward and convenient to operate. To fully lock the installation, just press a button on the record BDE-D remote control display, supplied as standard.The drive and control units are also supplied as standard.

record SAFECORD 20 RC 2

The record SAFECORD RC 2 is designed for users who have above-average burglary protection requirements, but appreciate the convenient operation of a standard automatic sliding door. The sum of the measures taken to strengthen the door and deter burglars provides sufficient resistance to force them to give up their attempt to break in, or stop them long enough to enable security forces to intervene before access is gained. While the record SAFECORD RC 2 denies access to burglars, it opens equally reliably in the opposite direction.

record THERMCORD RC 2 / RC 3

record THERMCORD RC 2 / RC 3 is the ideal entrance door for your retail store, hotel or office building. You will receive effective burglar resistance in combination with efficient, energy-saving properties, which reduce your heating and air-conditioning costs.