Record Speed Gate Swing Advanced

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Fast and secure pedestrian access... introducing the Record Speed Gate Swing Advanced

The Record Speed Gate Swing Advanced is a security solution which offers sophisticated detection methods to provide maximum security for sensitive areas.

The reliability of this security barrier makes it perfect for applications such as finance, banking, government buildings, transport hubs and retail outlets.

Suited to indoor use the Record Speed Gate Swing Advanced is a seamless and fluid barrier which enables a fast and steady flow of people without comprimising security.

Various security features are available including intrusion, tailgating, wrong way detection and leave aisle timout.

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Record speed gate advance

About the Record Speed Gate Swing Advanced

Quiet and smooth in operation, this Record Speedgate Swing Advanced is available in various finishes and dimensions, such as 1.2m or 1.8m height, to suit individual needs and maintain the aesthetics of the surroundings.

This security barrier has various operating settings such as normally-close where individual verification allows pedestrians to pass through, or normally-open whereby the barriers only close when a breach, such as piggybacking, is detected.

The wide pedestal allows integration of most types of access control devices such as biometric and QR code readers.

Security Features of the Record Speed Gate Swing Advanced

  • Intrusion
  • Tailgating
  • Wrong way detection
  • Leave aisle timeout

Record speed gate advance

Record speed gate advance

Features & Benefits of the Record Speed Gate Swing Advanced

  • Ergonomic and user-friendly experience
  • Highly durable providing peace of mind
  • Reliable and durable motors ensuring years of service
  • Various safety and security measures
  • Customisable size and appearance

Options & Accessories for the Record Speed Gate Swing Advanced

This high security barrier system offers a versatile range of interfacing to allow the following options:

  • LED way mode indicator
  • Pictogram
  • Light curtain safety kit
  • Card reader integration
  • Battery back-up
  • Remote control systems

Record speed gate advance

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