Record Speed Gate Slide

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Secure access barrier... introducing the Record Speed Gate Slide

Exclusive and timeless in design, the Record Speed Gate Slide provides secure access for areas with a high pedestrian flow rate and a need for added security.

This security barrier is perfect for finance, banking, leisure centres, government buildings, education and retail.

There are many security features available with the Record Speed Gate Slide to ensure that access to a premises is only given to authorised personel, these include preventing tailgating, intrusion, wrong way detection and leave aisle timeout.

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Record speed gate slide

About the Record Speed Gate Slide

The Record speed gate slide features motorised full glass sliding leaves with 1.2 or 1.8m height, which are silent and smooth in operation.

The full height configuration of this speedlane grants greater security where the glass covers prevent people being able to gain unauthorised access by jumping over the pedestal.

This security barrier can be customised in various ways including colour finishes, top lid materials and other options such as including lift screen integrations.

Being so customisable, the Record Speed Gate Slide will not impeded on surrounding design aesthetics, making it the perfect choice for creating and complimenting a stunning security entrance.

Security Features of the Record Speed Gate Slide

  • Piggybacking
  • Leave aisle timeout
  • Intrusion
  • Wrong way detection
  • Tailgating

Record speed gate slide

Record Speed Gate Slide

Features & Benefits of the Record Speed Gate Slide

  • Integrates easily into existing systems and designs
  • Long-term ease of mind with low maintenance costs
  • Hassle-free movement with mimimum queueing
  • Increased security for both staff and customers

Options & Accessories for the Record Speed Gate Slide

  • Alternative finishes and materials
  • LED way mode indicator
  • Pictogram
  • Fail safe mechanical opening
  • Battery back-up
  • Emerency break glass push button
  • Remote control systems

Record speed gate slide

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