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Education - Schools, Colleges and Universities

Where the efficient flow and safe movement of large numbers of people is paramount,  record has entrance and door solutions to meet those needs. 

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we offer a number of solutions to automate doors quickly and easily and help make entrances and shared areas such as classrooms, toilets, corridors, libraries, common rooms and staff rooms contact-free and as safe as possible by preventing the spread of germs via door handles and switches. 

With an ever keen eye on prices and budget constraints making efficient, long-term solutions essential, record has the products that will meet all the needs of the educational environment.

Reliable and versatile, the record DFA 127 automatic swing door can be used as the basis for a wide variety of swing door applications thanks to its advanced programmable microprocessor and compact design.  In addition, it is almost silent in operation which makes it additionally suitable in quieter environments.

The versatility of this automatic door operator means it can also be used as a control system to provide fire and smoke protection, can be extended with a master-slave function which facilitates two overlapping door leaves, can be used as a low energy operator and an inverse option enables doors to open securely and reliably, even without a power supply. The record DFA 127 is also available with an in-head operator where a particularly streamlined, elegant look is required.

Bacteria and viruses are mainly transmitted through the hands. When the door handle turns into a germ spreader, this is a problem for companies, especially in the hygiene sector. On many everyday things like smartphones, shopping carts, light switches or door handles adhere to the unwelcome bacteria firmly. For hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, restaurants as well as the food processing industry the touchless switch is the perfect solution. Are the hands occupied with carrying shopping bags, anything else or by typing a message on the smartphone, the approach to the switch is enough and the automatic door opens.

In addition to the simple operation of the door, the record BLS 60 is hygienic to use, as at no time the skin comes into contact with the object.

As schools start to re-open, protect childen and staff by automating doors quickly and easily to create contact-free environments and prevent the spread of COVID-19 being transmitted via door handles and switches with our DFA 127 operators package.

Our solution can be used in all facilities to control the flow of people, from retail stores, schools, public buildings, offices, factories, restaurants, cafes - any building where further social distancing will be a priority.  

The system monitors the number of people in the building and automatically deactivates the entrance door when the pre-defined people count is reached, to prevent further access until someone exits the building or shared area – even if there are several entrances and exits to the building. In this way, the flow of people can be reliably limited so that a safe environment is maintained.  

Our standalone solution will relieve employees from monitoring entrance/exit doors, enabling them to be re-deployed elsewhere.

The well-proven double and single-leaf classic sliding doors from record are at the very centre of the product range, and are suitable for almost any application. The modular drive and profile systems guarantee reliable and low-noise operation over long periods.

The perfectly designed doors with their elegant appearance can be expanded according to customer requirements with regard to security, performance and convenience. Depending on the requirements, narrow, standard or robust glass profiles are used for the glass doors, and all models can be equipped with escape route safety systems.

Where limited space in a passage area excludes the use of sliding doors, which require a side space to slide into an opening, FTA 20 automatic folding door provides a good solution and can be adapted to suit many situations and provide the perfect solution where space is limited.

The width of passage can be almost fully retained. Automatic folding doors can be retrofitted relatively easily. They are designed to work particularly well when fitted in corridors. Depending on the total width available, the folding door is built as one or two-sided. Typical applications for the record FTA 20 automatic folding door can be found in restaurant and commercial kitchen settings, in the passage to the pantry, for example, or from the kitchen to the dining area. They can also be found in hotels, supermarkets, retail outlets, hospitals and leisure facilities.

The record K41 is a 4-wing automatic or manual revolving door which is available in various design options. The K 41 4-wing revolving door is available with optional showcase (for diameters of 3 100 mm and up), night shutter and escape and rescue route function.

You can choose between the tried-and-tested ceiling-fitted drive, and the invisible under floor drive, finished in RAL or anodised in any colour, or the all glass model, which has especially transparent aesthetics. For ease of use for wheelchair users or people with disabilities, the K 41 can be fitted with a switchable control to reduce speed.