Automatic Doors for Education - Schools, Colleges and Universities.


Why choose automatic doors for education?

Create impressive entrances using Automatic Doors for Education - Schools, Colleges and Universities, that are safe, contactless, accessible and can improve the energy efficiency of your buildings. Automatic doors are also an ideal way of controlling the security, and efficient flow of large numbers of students.

record's range of sturdy automatic doors for schools and colleges ensure ongoing reliable operation, whilst preventing the spread of germs with contactless operation.

Construction materials used in our automatic doors for education are specifically chosen to provide robust, long term performance with minimal maintenance requirements.

We also cater for specialist door solutions in schools, colleges and universities including security doors, hygienically clean environments and sound reduction.


Automatic revolving doors

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record automatic doors typically used by educational establishments

Create stunning entrances with automatic revolving doors

Automatic Sliding Doors for School, College and University Entrances

Our STA 20 sliding door system mixes the reliability you need with style and functionality.  Schools and Colleges demand high volume movements and sturdy reliable performance - both features that record build in by design.

The most striking feature of the record sliding door is the smoothness of operation which is the result of our focus on precision engineering.

The record sliding door comes in many variations and is an extremely versatile and dependable product. Read more about our automatic sliding doors for education >

Internal Swing Doors for Classrooms and Other Education Spaces

record swing doors are ideal contact-free door solutions for high volume internal spaces such as classrooms, corridors, libraries and canteens and particularly where quiet operation is required. record also produce specialist versions of the swing door including the record C 90 SU for concealed minimalistic entrance aesthetics.

Read more about automatic swing doors for use in education buildings >

The benefits of revolving doors.

Energy efficient automatic doors. Revolving door technology.

Automatic Folding Doors for Education Entrances and Corridors

The FTA 20 automatic folding door solution is ideal where space is limited or where quiet operation is required.

Typical applications include corridors, to section off areas and on external entrances where the full width of the passage needs to be retained, but the space is too small to use a sliding door.

Click here to read more about record's FTA20 Automatic Folding Door system > 

Upgrades & Accessories for Automatic Door Installations in Educational Buildings

Covid-safe contactless upgrades for existing automatic doors

Bacteria and viruses are mainly transmitted through the hands. When the door handle turns into a germ spreader, this is a problem for companies, especially in the hygiene sector. On many everyday things like smartphones, shopping carts, light switches or door handles adhere to the unwelcome bacteria firmly. 

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Upgrade existing automatic doors with contactless sensors.

Case studies - Automatic Doors in Education

record Automatic Doors at Swansea University.

Maintaining Openings at Swansea University

Bay Campus, one of two stunning campuses at Swansea Universityis a state-of-the-art facility with direct access to the beach and the seafront promenade.

Currently, there are over 20 record doors installed on the campus. record STA 20 sliding doors can be found on the main entrances to the Great Hall...

Click here to read more about our installation and automatic door servicing at Swansea University > 

We offer specification and architect support services with this product...

record provide specification and architect support services for education: university, school and college uses.and our other range of automatic door systems.  Click here to visit our dedication specification support page and to discuss your requirements and queries with our UK Automatic Door Specification Specialist.