record DFA 127 IN-HEAD – Swing door operator concealed within the door frame

The DFA 127 In-Head is our overhead concealed drive system for the automation of swing doors. This automatic swing door operator utilises the trusted DFA 127 Core Drive system which is itself extremely quiet in operation. 

The mechanics and electronics are housed overhead, concealed from view, encased in a thermally broken casing which allows for a seamless continuation of the framework and is suitable for almost all types of external and internal swing doors on nursing homes for disability access to hospital corridors where high-density traffic can occur and the requirements are for flexible operation, and reliability.


record uk new product DFA127 operating arm concealed in frame
record DFA 127 IN-HEAD  – Swing door operator concealed within the door frame

The DFA 127 In-Head thermal break allows the internal surface to remain warm even when it’s snowing outside – preventing heat loss, whilst the motor operates quietly and is completely silent during the hold open time. The door can also be held permanently open by using a program selector.


  • thermally broken section
  • slim housing - just 140mm wide
  • utilises the trusted DFA 127 swing system
  • suitable for aluminium and glass doors
  • can be utilised with and without thermally broken frame sections
  • sleek, continuous framework


  • thermal building efficiency
  • no unsightly drive arms
  • minimalistic, clean, door look
  • faster installation time
  • anti-ligature - due to lack of protruding operator
  • easy to use control switch BDE-D


  • single or double doors
  • battery backup for power fail protection