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record DFA 127 FIRE

Closes reliably in case of fire

The record DFA 127 FIRE  is approved for use as a smoke and fire protection door. In case of fire, a signal from the smoke and heat detector or fire alarm system immediately triggers the safe closing of the passage. Closing takes place by spring force. The record SFR 127’s mechanical sequential control also enables double leaf fire doors to be used.

record DFA 127 FULL POWER

Automatic drive system for swing doors

The record DFA 127 FULL POWER is the powerhouse in the family of record swing door operators. It's versatility means it is perfect for providing automatic opening in a wide range of environments, from busy shopping malls to quieter offices and gentler spaces. It is compact and reliable with microprocessor technology allowing many additional functions. Its adjustable spring force enables a range of door sizes from EN4 to EN6 to be used and customer-specific settings to be accommodated. The sophisticated technology in the record control enables complex functions to be programmed with ease and optimum power deployment in the entire swing area.

record DFA 127 INVERSE

Opens without mains power

The record DFA 127 INVERSE enables doors to open securely and reliably, even without a power supply. During the motor-driven closing cycle, the energy required for opening is mechanically stored using a spring. Should smoke start to fill the building, the independent smoke and heat venting system controls the drive, and the record DFA 127 INVERSE opens reliably, even during power failures. The door can therefore be used to allow fresh air to circulate inside buildings, or to vent smoke and heat.