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record DFA 127 FULL POWER – Automatic swing door with additional functions

record DFA 127 FIRE

The DFA 127 FIRE is approved for use as a smoke and fire protection door. In case of fire, a signal from the smoke and heat detector or fire alarm system triggers an additional controller to close the door immediately, with spring tension.

With the integrated, mechanical sequential controller two-leaf doors can also be used as fire protection barrier doors. The DFA 127 FIRE utilises the DFA 127 universal drive system for the automation of swing doors which is characterized by sophisticated technology, compact design and record’s legendary smoothness of operation. 

record DFA 127 INVERSE

The DFA 127 Inverse enables doors to open securely and reliably, even without a power supply. Characterised by sophisticated technology, compact design and record’s legendary smoothness of operation, the DFA 127 Inverse is ideal for escape routes and where heat and smoke build up is likely.

When the door drive motor operates to close the door, it simultaneously tensions a spring integrated in the drive housing. The shutting movement uses energy stored in the spring, which, depending on requirements, is also motor-assisted. Even without motor assistance, thanks to ingenious mechanics, optimum power deployment is achieved in the entire door swing area which is necessary to move the door reliably to its end position against, for example, draft resistance. 

The DFA 127 INVERSE is available to operate doors from sizes EN4 to EN6 and complies with current safety requirements.

record DFA 127 LOW ENERGY

The DFA 127 Low Energy is the ideal drive for environments where people have difficulties with mobility through age or disability such as care homes, hospitals, and retirement accommodation. Kinetic energy (movement power) is limited to 1.6 joules, which means the safety of people in the swing area, even in the absence of additional security sensors, is not compromised. This door is the ideal choice where safe opening or access assistance is required.

The DFA 127 Low Energy is available to operate doors in sizes EN4 to EN6. The different spring forces required can be quickly and precisely adjusted on the spot using the special adjustment screw. This model also provides many other sophisticated features, allowing pre-defined door types to be quickly and easily adapted to local and country-specific circumstances.