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record K 41 - 4 wing revolving door – The K41 four-leaf automatic revolving door is available in various design options and also available in a manual version.

Four-leaf revolving door

The record K41 four-leaf automatic revolving door is available in various design options and is also available in a manual version.



The record K41 four-leaf revolving door is available with an optional central display cabinet (showcase) for diameters of 3 100 mm and up, night shutter and escape and rescue route function. It is available in any colour, can have an anodised finish, or can be constructed from glass to provide a modern, minimalistic look. To enable easy access for wheelchair users and walking disabled record revolving doors can be fitted with a switchable control to reduce the operating speed of the door. As with all record automatic door systems this product offers the highest levels of safety and compliance with regulation. Our revolving doors all carry official TÜV certification. All doors can also be used as emergency escape routes, and work as additional escape support.

The standard model comes equipped with two integrated display cases and automatic sliding door, but it can also be ordered with a fixed segment, integrated two-way swing door, and without a display case. The record K 21 model has unique safety standards, thanks to its radial sliding leaves. Particularly attractive is the compact design of the canopy structure, which is just 330 mm high. The canopy structure is made of a solid and strong steel structure including thermal insulation and clad in aluminum plates along the pelmet and closed with a standard dust cover. The ceiling underside is closed with segmented aluminum plates that provide a solid and perfect flush view.


  • this model is suitable for wheelchair users and shopping trolleys
  • compact design of canopy structure (330mm high)
  • central display cabinets
  • highly engineered and reliable drive components
  • a smooth and safe operation at all times
  • speed control 


  • prevents drafts, dirt and dust from entering
  • provides unimpeded access for pedestrians
  • low noise
  • optimal energy savings
  • option of finishes
  • available in any colour or colour combination


  • the internal diameter can be chosen by the customer
  • ceiling-fitted drive or the invisible under floor drive
  • night shutters
  • emergency escape route function
  • finishes can be anodised, brass, aluminium, stainless steel and glass
  • switchable speed control for disabled users
  • show case design can be chosen by the customer
  • air cushion option