record RST 20 – Radial curved sliding door

Radial sliding door

Radial sliding doors are ideally suited to lending any façade a real touch of style. They provide the unsurpassed elegance of a revolving door, but are less complex and far more flexibly integrated into a space. This type of door can be integrated into virtually any curved space, and be curved inwards or outwards.

record RST 20  – Radial curved sliding door
record RST 20  – Radial curved sliding door record RST 20  – Radial curved sliding door


The record RST radial sliding door provides an elegant and stylish solution to any curved space or adds a feature curved front to an entrance. Designed using modular construction principles, this curved sliding door can be adapted to suit the widest range of conditions. As the record RST radial sliding door is largely based on the record system 20 components, installation times are reduced and the customer benefits from reduced service and maintenance costs.

The record RST fulfils 2006 / 42 /  EG industrial guidelines for machines, DIN 18650 as well as meeting all relevant national and international standards.

The absence of noise is the most striking feature of record automatic doors. The doors of the RST open and close exceptionally quietly, which is indicative of the engineering precision and the perfect matching of materials.Our combination of short, low-momentum toothed belts, rollers made from hard-wearing, low-noise plastic, acoustically decoupled running tracks, guide pulley wheels with ball bearings and door leaf guides with specially developed guide profiles all contribute to its exceptionally quiet operation.

For the record RST radial sliding door there are 20 mm thick aluminium profiles available for 10 mm thick single glazed leaves, or 30 mm thick profiles suitable for 19 mm thick insulating glass to allow the greatest possible transparency. Both profiles and drive unit cover can be anodized or powder-coated.

The ability of drive, sensors and remote to communicate interactively enables continuous monitoring of component status and enhances safety and security. The operational status of the door system and its individual electronic components also continuously undergo plausibility checks. Thanks to its learning capacity, the potential of the unit to malfunction is reduced to a minimum.


  • components communicate interactively and automatically
  • radial sliding doors elegant and stylish
  • design flexibility of door leaves to curve inwards or outwards
  • quiet operation
  • precision engineering
  • the drive unit can be fitted to the lintel, freestanding or integrated in the ceiling
  • drive unit heights are available in either 200 mm or 220 mm.


  • self-monitoring of component status and automatic correction
  • low maintenance
  • can fit any size of opening
  • unobtrusive operation
  • enhanced safety and security



  • 20 mm thick aluminium profiles available for 10mm thick single glazed leaves
  • 30 mm thick profiles suitable for 19 mm thick insulating glass
  • colour matching to existing surrounds.