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Where doors and entrances need to work hard, be durable and  safe, record uk offers a range of quality engineered products to suit. Using micro technology,  programmable options are available to control many functions as is available with the Miniroll and SPEEDCORD products.  Where there is a need for a controlled environment, for example, clean air or clean surfaces, then record’s CLEAN range offer products manufactured in stainless steel with hermetic sealing and an entirely smooth surface.


Automatic roller door for convenient safety and security

The record MINIROLL is an automatic roller door that ensures effective burglar protection for windows, entrances and passageways. The standard design features steel slats, achieving protection class RC2 (and the French standard A2P). The record MINIROLL is easy to install, and as its drive unit is fully integrated into the housing, the convenience of operation and level of security are enhanced.


Crash-proof rapid shutter door for indoor applications

The record SPEEDCORD  is a rapid operating, anti-crash shutter door for indoor applications which can be easily installed between the warehouse and sales area, or between two warehouses. Extensive safety features protect users and materials from damage or harm. This shutter is relatively easy and inexpensive to install making an ideal choice for businesses such as the interiors of food distribution centres, supermarkets, retail stores, logistics and freight forwarding companies, assembly lines and the cargo areas at airports.

record CLEAN D ST

Hygienic Swing Doors

The record CLEAN D ST is a hinged swing door system made entirely from stainless steel with no visible joints. This makes the door easily cleanable and suitable for rooms where a high level of hygiene and cleanliness is required. Being manufactured completely from stainless steel means the doors provide practical functionality, modern design and attractive finish as well as an easy clean surface.